A Crucial Crossroads

A personal experience that brought me to harsh realizations

The most dangerous weapon of all, is without doubt, an uneducated nation. The luxury Americans have, are the exact reason why the country faces an ugly crossroads today. The reality is, Americans are not brought up to be global people. With English spoken world wide, and being geographically located far from most other countries, I suppose it is easy to become self-centered. Fortunately, with the technologically advanced world we live in today, there are far more ways to self-educate. This has lead to a massive opposition against the ignorance that is deep-rooted in the country.

Growing up, in public school, I recall learning briefly about World War II and the Holocaust. There is no arguing that these are extremely important events in history, but there is much more the curriculum can include. American history was covered, but fails to provide the evilness that was seen throughout the countries young life. Again, my point being the educational system is entirely flawed, glorified and narrow-minded. Political parties aside, I believe any worldly and educated person can acknowledge the dangers of our current president. We are able to see the authoritative qualities he is showing each and every day. Our educational system does not teach what authoritarian governments or monarchies are, or what it takes to remain the democratic nation we perceive to be. All in all, we are taught that the United States is the best nation in the world, without bringing awareness that the beauty America does hold can indeed be jeopardized. We are simply not given the skills to be able to critique and analyze to see if and when our leaders are undermining our democracy and futures.

In March 2018, I moved to Morocco where I spent a few months teaching English, and then spent an additional four weeks in Tunisia. The teenagers I taught in Morocco’s capital of Rabat are far more educated than many of those I know in their 20’s and even 30’s in the US. They are bi and trilingual, know current events around the world, broad world history and most importantly, they radiate curiosity to learn more. Tunisia survived a harsh revolution in 2011, and is the only non-failed revolting state in North Africa. A youth-led movement that removed a dictator, are today fighting for their countries full democratic transition. Every person under the age of 30 I have met are up to date with US politics, and share deep concerns with the direction we are headed in. They understand the sacrifice it takes to be democratic, the struggles and the suffering that comes with living under an authoritarian government.

Midterm elections are coming up and Americans are faced with a crucial choice. The results will shape US politics as well as the world for the next two years and beyond. Is a few months enough time to create a global society? No. We can all just pray the opposition is big enough to win, and get our country back on the right path and the right side of history. As it can be the saving to our country, it will not fix the flaws in our education system, and the possibility of finding ourselves in this situation yet again is very likely. Education reform will be the long-term savior. For now, the country has a choice to make, and that is to get with it or potentially get very lost.