• teach 75 min power @ CT Power Yoga
  • drive to New Haven
  • attend 90 min practice at Balanced w/ 55 others! Music by Josh, assists by Jesse & asana by Lori. Intense and awesome. Then an amazing savasana/ meditation (20?+ min?)
  • gym time! I rolled & stretched for about 45 min! Then did a 3 exercise circuit: wall ball squats, single leg deadlift kettlebell, split squats (back foot on roller); handstand press drills, then treadmill walk 1.5 min & run a mile about 8:20 pace!! YAY
  • finished with some drills & rolling


  • 2 piece gluten free bread w/ almond butter & 2 eggs
  • Kind bar, kombucha
  • Big AMAZING dinner at Atelier Florian:
  • Shared appetizers: beet salad, sushi on rice, roasted brussels
  • Meal: salmon & polenta & green beans. UNREAL
  • creme brulee & shot glass of chocolate mousse
  • martini cocktail w/ cucumber & prosecco.
  • slice of cheese


  • feeling good! If I’m going out & possibility of dessert, maybe good to eat less during day leading up so can fully enjoy the whole restaurant.
  • Break through mile today. Didn’t want to get on the treadmill but I decided I’m committed to growth and making it happen with running. I’m just going to keep guiding myself and use 1 mile as the minimum.
  • On the days I don’t want to run, I will still do cardio (30 min on the elliptical or broken up on the bikes)
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