December intentions!!

As inspired by the instagrammer/ blogger: @leefromamerica, my friend Alli and I decided to write out December intentions.

We spent the morning doing work, drinking coffee and then broke for lunch to create goals. I want to do this again next month and invite more friends to join!

We each chose our categories and then talked through our specific goals for each category, and made sure that each goal met the ‘SMART goals’ criteria: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound.

Here they are!


  1. To continue with my 4 weeks to 2 miles training plan, running 3 days each week.
  2. Choose a new plan for running when I complete the current one.


  1. Spend 20 min/ day for pleasure reading, podcast listening, napping, taking a bath
  2. Honor scheduled work hours — specifically with regards to social media and emails.


  1. Dairy & gluten free
  2. 1 dessert serving per day


  1. Go on 2 dates.
  2. Schedule a SMART goals session with Alli and invite others for January
  3. Continue writing on medium 1x/ day


  1. Schedule a planning hour each week to set tasks and work hours for upcoming work week. Check off the tasks and hours as I do them.