Fri Dec 1


  • Run! Week 2, day 2. Ran 7.5 min/ walk 4 min/ ran 4.5 min/ walk 4 min
  • Massage!!! yippee
  • taught Baptiste flow at Balanced Yoga 75 min


  • 2 gluten free slices toast, avocado, 2 eggs
  • salad w/ walnuts, chicken salad, beets
  • kombucha
  • salad w/ small amount of chicken, tofu- 3 rectangles baked, bowl of veggie curry left-over
  • toppings of 2 small slices pizza
  • 3 gluten free cookies & scoop dairy free ice cream


  • set nutrition intention of 1 dessert a day, & gluten & dairy free. Ate a bit more than one dessert- will try to stick with one choice in upcoming days.
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