It’s not right to write, right now.

It’ll get too personal and it’ll be awkward. I’ll write about the person I love and then no one will have any privacy anymore.

I shouldn’t add another should to my list.

I’m ashamed of the goodness of my life. I feel free. What if I articulate and expose my whimsical nature… will I have to switch to doing serious things?

If I write, I’ll make declarations and then have to follow through. I’ll have accountability…. *crap.*

Repeat above. I’ll articulate the world I want to create, and then I’ll do the work to make it happen. But do I really want to “do the work”?

I’ll be seen by my community. Maybe my family and friends don’t really want to know about my more adventurous adventures… like the ones about love.

I’m afraid of starting something and not finishing it.

I still feel shy about being in love. I heard that you shouldn’t say it out loud until you’re really sure and you’re really serious. Because once you say it out loud, it’s both those things. Does love have to be a scary commitment?

Oh, and you’ve heard there’s no money in writing, right?

I need money because I’m 30 years old, living with my parents, and have more outgoing expenses than incoming. Should I really indulge my attraction to writing?

Hmm… so, ya… definitely not the right time to write.

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