Support as a pre-requisite for growth

Following up and following through.

Those have been the words on my mind for the past few weeks since I last shared on Two and a half weeks ago, I wrote about how YOD has impacted my life. At that time, I was finishing up my first week and a half in Minneapolis and was feeling LIT from the ten days and 17 classes of YOD, all the yoga and inquiry I had completed, and being in a new and wonderful place. I was living out the principles of YOD: being a YES, TAKING ACTION and I had become clear on the final YOD principle — FOLLOW THROUGH. I was clear on the things and the ways I wanted to follow through, even though each seemed daunting and unattainable.

Since my last post there has been little time for reflection because the present moment of showing up, taking action and following through has filled every breath… and it has been terrifying, electrifying, tangible, love-filled, alive, LIT, fun, and service oriented.

And even though in my last article, I was clear on being a YES, and was clear on taking action, I still noticed fear, uncertainty and disbelief about my ability to lead and follow through to the level that my mentors have modeled.

I questioned my ability to teach every day in a row without days off, my ability to show up fully for every class and for every student, my ability to stay rested, hydrated, my ability to stay healthy enough to follow through, my ability to still tend to my personal goals, to stay happy and connected throughout the whole experience.

And, what I’ve noticed, is that the principles of YOD work. I showed up 100% to be a YES and I took the action to be a yes — I literally moved across the country, and stepped forward fully with intention to be present and of service to my teachers, my students and myself. By fully committing to the first two YOD principles, I set myself up for the third: the follow through. I realized that in doing the work — in FULLY doing the work — the result follows.

And while it is true that these YOD principles work, the final piece (and maybe the most important piece) of the equation that I haven’t mentioned yet, is the level of support I am currently experiencing. And that has made all the difference in my ability to be a yes, to take action and to follow through.

Yes, I was the one who showed up as a yes. I’ve taken the action to be in Minneapolis and I have shown up daily at the yoga studio to teach, practice and learn. And yes, I personally had to make the decision between fear: ‘I can’t follow through or that I can’t be a powerful leader and teacher’, and instead choose to believe: ‘I AM CAPABLE and that I AM DOING the work’. However, I’ve been a yes before, and I’ve taken action before, but what makes this experience unique is the community of support that buoys me.

Something clicked the other day as I was talking to a Baptiste teacher about our recent Level 2 week-long intensive in October of this past year. She said that, as an assistant to the program, she was asked to be at a level 10 for support, so that the participants could be at a level 10 for being challenged and therefore be at a level 10 for growth. She shared that in reflecting about her home life, she observed that she has a level 10 of support but is not experiencing a level 10 of challenge. And in that gap, she is missing the opportunity for growth.

I considered my own situation with this perspective. The reason I am here in Minneapolis is because from the first moment I met Mitchell at Level 2 in October, I experienced a Level 10 of support and challenge and growth. And from the first moment I met Danielle, I was blown away to experience the same level of support, growth and challenge. I simply couldn’t believe the level of support and therefore the invitation for challenge and growth that was being presented to me.

I was terrified by the opportunity to be challenged and to grow, and at the same time I felt called to lean in, to experience MORE: more love, more learning, more connection, more service, more growth.

And so, I write this reflection today from a place of immense gratitude.

I write with immense gratitude not only to Danielle and Mitchell who have facilitated and inspired my time in Minneapolis, but also to the entire community of Minnesota Power Yoga for supporting me as a new member, as a YOD and yoga teacher. You have all been an incredible stand for my growth, love, connection, freedom, ease, and fun.

I bow, also, in gratitude to the community of YOD facilitators for holding me accountable and inspiring me to step into my intentions and my values. For challenging me to choose belief and possibility and MAGIC.

I offer gratitude to Paige, for leading the Level 2 experience that set this whole process in motion. For holding the space for miracles to happen and for us, as participants, to find our intention and our power within ourselves to set intention, step forward, and make it happen.

And to all of the Baptiste and wider yoga communities for being committed to the principle of yoga: union. For me, that means the union of our heart and our actions — living out our intentions in the world, in every breath.

I continue to be filled with more love and gratitude as I realize the incredible gift that is being given to me. The opportunity, daily, to live out the intentions of my heart and to travel the world doing so.

I am already so grateful to you, the reader, for supporting me by holding space for me to share my story. And if you feel called to, please consider donating to the community I’ll be working with in Kenya, Africa Yoga Project. All donations go directly to training teachers, offering free classes to the community and building a center of empowerment, light, hope, and love in Nairobi and beyond. Please also consider donating to Danielle and Mitchell’s fund-raising page for their baby girl who has been in the NICU for the past two weeks.

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