The week in review: 11/27–12/3


  • My goal for this week was to run 3 times. And that is what happened!
  • I practiced yoga most days and listened to my body in each session. Towards the end of the week, my body was calling for a rest day and I finally listened on Sunday.
  • Goal for next week is to run 3 days again, and to schedule and enjoy a rest day :)
  • I completed a few strength sessions. RockBody is 1 hour & super intense — and I was sore for days! I think I’ll ease into it with the 30 min turf sessions at Mactivity and then add in the 1 hour sessions at RockBody as I build back into strength work!


  • Set the intentions on Friday of this past week to: eat dairy & gluten free. And one serving of dessert per day.
  • Ate a lot of sugar in the past week & notice that when I turn to sugar it is usually an indication of me needing rest!
  • Found a breakfast that really works for me! 2 pieces gluten free toast w/ almond butter, half an avocado, 2 eggs & spinach
  • Finding that eating 3 regular meals serves me best

General Observations

  • Really liked noticing the meridian lines and connections between different muscles in different parts of the body. I’m interested to read more about this!
  • I need to schedule a day off so I don’t feel guilty not doing a workout! An unscheduled day that I can choose to fill with whatever…