Trust the process. Show up daily… and with compassion.

I have the notion that eating “keto” will transform my life for the better.

Hang on.. let me re-phrase that… keto IS transforming my life.

At the beginning of December I re-committed to eating a ketotic diet. This means eating low carb, high fat and ideally fewer than 20g of carbohydrates per day. Over the past five weeks I’ve shown up daily to check in with my journal and my accountability chart, observing and reminding myself where I am and where I am going. [Here are my first several posts about this topic: intro, check-in 1, check-in 2.]

And today is where I am ! Today is day 5 of an all meat, egg, cheese, cream, butter, oil, and minimal vegetable diet. Let me just pause for a moment and pinch myself… I have eaten 99% ketotic for 4 days straight. With the only carbs totaling less than 25g each day.

I’ve struggled with over-eating and being addicted to sugar or maybe entangled with carbs off and on for… FOREVER. So, this is huge! I recognize that this doesn’t mean I’m healed and all challenge is over, because, heck — I’ve had plenty of glimpses of freedom and health before. What this DOES mean is that I have shown up continually day after day for the past 6 weeks, committed and ready to move towards ketosis. It means that through compassionate and graceful commitment the goal has arrived. And because I know that I can’t hold onto this current nugget of “success”, I am going to continue to show up daily. I commit to being in ketosis and to being compassionate towards myself each and every day.

Having said that, I want to imprint the positive benefits I’ve noticed so far:

  • Improved sleep. When eating too much and too many carbs, I sleep in fits and starts and am over-heated. My house is still too warm for my liking, however I have slept beautifully for the past several nights! No night sweats, and my sheets are in tact in the morning meaning I didn’t thrash and move about all night.
  • Clarity of thought. I feel grounded, sure and confident to move forward. I feel connected to my needs and able to exercise decision and assuredness.
  • Less bloated. I haven’t worn much, if any make-up, in the past three days because I don’t feel the need to mask puffy eyes or a drained complexion. I feel more vibrant in my face! And… I feel like there is much more vibrance to come.
sleepy, morning light selfie :)
  • Ease of movement in yoga practice. The past several weeks, my yoga mysore practice has been, well… torture, shame-filled, guilty… are the words that come to mind. And then I’ll add to that: my yoga practice has been a practice in non-judgement. I committed to showing up daily at the studio for my personal practice. And I’ve shown up… despite my flabby belly and thighs growing seemingly flabbier by the day. I was not eating for health and this showed up HUGE in my practice. AND! I continued to practice through the pain, discomfort and shame. To show up with compassion and the presence to love that this is where I am. Right now… to trust in the process. AND! Where I am has shifted in the last week. I’ve been eating to care for myself and to listen to what I need. And I’ve found more ease in twisting, in bending; I’ve found lift and lightness in my practice that begins with a lift in the belly.

So, that’s my update for the week. Thank you for sharing in this journey and namaste, y’all! The transforming light in me, honors and bows to the unique and transformative light in you.

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