Week 1 Completed. Yogi v Hacker: Fat Loss Challenge in Process.

This past week we talked shit, flexed a lot, meditated and some of us drank too much wine.

All in all… a successful first week. We established routines around daily meditation, checked in daily about food intake and generally challenged each other to step up to the plate. Without excuses.

The biggest win was completing the work-outs (strength work daily) and up-shifting our baseline level of nutrition (built each meal around greens, lean protein and healthy fats).

WEEK 2 Looking Ahead…

Workouts: Continue with what worked last week. Daily meditation & short core strength sessions. Continue with two bigger workouts - one focussing on leg strength and the other a high intensity sprint/ strength workout.

Nutrition: This week we are planning ahead and meal prepping so that we can be more intentional with our choices. Sarah is completely eliminating any added sugars, reducing caffeine intake and eating carbohydrates only when called for by her body. Instead of pre-empting hunger, she will respond to it. Daniel is focussing on high fat intake and precision in replicating meals.

Personal Development: Stick with daily meditation. Daniel is going to add in naps. Sarah is going to also add in naps and reading.

Digital media below: video conversation/ overview, comparison photos (Week 1 on left, Week 2 on right). Paired photos are from the end of Week 1.

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