Why It Is Advisable To Get Your Trademark Registered

The copyright law of Australia is an integral part of the national Constitution’s section 51, and comes under the federal law. While it is very similar to British law, the copyright law of Australia is also a bit influenced by multilateral treaties and modern international standards. The most recent ones include the US-Australia Free Trade Agreement. Australia is a member of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which gives you legal protection in many countries.

An updated note that has been published by the Queensland Government, on the Business and Industry Portal of the state, lists all incredible benefits that come along with formal registration of your trademark which can be done by availing the services of a qualified trademark lawyer in Sydney like Shelston IP.

The first and the foremost benefit of the same is that you get the ‘ownership’, or in other words, you get entitled to use the registered words, letters or phrases legally. It signifies your ownership over the trademark. This leads to further benefits. If you are the owner of a trademark, you have the right to either gift it or sell it to anyone. It’s just like being the owner of any other physical property. A trademark legally qualifies as an intellectual property, so it’s also an asset and a pretty valuable asset. If you sell a trademark, it get its ‘market value’ as well as its ‘potential market value’. This is no less than a win-win situation and can prove to be beneficial for your business in the long run.

Needless to say, the effort that you put in for acquiring a trademark is totally worth it. It also empowers you to license its usage. This holds a lot of importance when you’re looking forward to build several branches of your business. Legally, your licensees can use the trademark and function under your brand name. This way, you can earn profit by giving others an exclusive access to use it. Franchising is an amazing way to expand a business without borrowing any capital or putting in a lot of money. Instead, you make money by allowing others to use your intellectual assets and copyright trademark.

Also, because its an asset, it shows in your balance sheet and adds on to your total value. You can legally use it anywhere in Australia. This also means that if anyone tries to copy it, they can be sued.

On the other hand, if your trademark hasn’t been registered, you will have to give your business credentials whenever an infringement has taken place. In such situations you can get on board intellectual property law firms like http://www.shelstonip.com/services/intellectual-property-and-commercial-law/. Their expert lawyers provide that much-needed assistance in protecting your intellectual property against any kind of infringement that takes place across Australia.

Apart from this, you enjoy the privilege of preventing any misrepresentation of your trademark, which is considered an offence in the Australian IP law. Australian Customs are obliged to help you if your brand trademark is used in exporting goods to other countries without your permission.

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