Week 2 of Bootcamp

HTML, CSS & Bootstrap

It was quite fun working on just HTML & CSS, setting up our first portfolio website.

I started by creating a side bar with images, intended for future navigation. Then revamped the website after learning how bootsrap can’t support a collapsed side bar.

The issue then started when I tried to integrate one of the bootstrap templates into my code and so many things just did not seem to work as it did.

It was very frustrating working on it yet with a deadline coming up, I decided to retain the important elements of my website i.e the cover page, about and contact page + navigation, which seemed to work fine as well. But the whole structure will have to be re-worked.

We also learnt how to commit and display our webpages using github, which was awesome as it could be shared.

In all, week 2 was a fun but also challenging week of de-bugging html, css and bootstrap.

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