What sound did your heart make when it broke for the first time?
Jon Westenberg 🌈

Your story is sad. My first heartbreak sounded like a sobbing child, because thats what i was, i was 3 yrs old..when i quickly realised id never have a bond with my mum or dad. We could never get close me and my mum. She always found a way to push me aside.whatever my age i tried. I gave up completely at the age of 17 when i fell pregnant myself I barely even knew her even when i did live with her for each short length of time. But it hasnt affected me as a parent ☺ i can never shove my kids aside. Im 2 of 6 i also have 4 of my own that i deeply love. Losing a battle of something that was a one person fight is useless i know that now. Im 34 and happy ☺ ive never been successfull at anything ever, but i AM successfull at being the mum i never had…x

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