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Sarah jack
Oct 23, 2017 · 3 min read

Acer holds the reign of computing portfolio with a broad spectrum including tablet, netbook, notebook, desktop, monitor and server. In the concluded CES 2012 event, the world witnessed the power of Acer with the contesting models and technologies such as Aspire S5, believed to be the “world’s thinnest ultrabook”, Timeline Ultra, full 1080p Iconia Tab, and the AcerCloud.

Former, with Acer Always Connect, Thunderbolt port, a solid-state hard drive for fast booting, an HDMI port, and a USB 3.0 port shipped within a slim and compact design measuring 2mm thinner than the Apple Macbook Air and holding the same gravity, it seems that Acer has exercised a raid into the Apple dominated bastion. Iconia A700 Tab is the benchmark in terms of processing speed; it will house a quad-core processor and a full-HD 1080p display. The 10.1" device will also feature a micro USB and microSD memory card slot. Thus, Acer is poised to break all barriers.

But as you know branding is a consistent story, it can’t be achieved in days or months. And a part of that responsibility is owned by Acer support . The panel is supposed to bring free technical assistance for those products that are within the warranty period. Any hardware malfunctioning within the speculated time frame also comes under it. You may receive on-site assistance for the same.

The moment you experience any flaw with the product you are advised to get in touch with the panel, however, damages that are caused by your end due to reckless handling won’t get covered. Usually a year warranty is applicable for each product but it can be extended for 2 plus years against additional payments. That can be done after the purchase but within the 1 year warranty or at the time of purchase. Software related issues specifically related to the Windows, Microsoft Office, browser, email, instant messenger, antivirus, etc. are also covered but to a limited extent. You can also purchase suitable recovery media from the Acer store, if required.

However, whenever you give a call on the Acer Support Number, you are advised to furnish the desired information related to the product model, i.e. serial number and system configuration. It eases the task of the support portal and experts are able to diagnose and fix issues in a better way. If you don’t have it then experts can make use of a scanning tool to reveal it. Experts can assess the problems associated with the Acer machine, and can troubleshoot accordingly.

Third-party customer service operatives have emerged as the left-handed compliment for the Acer technical help ,service and have widened the scope of service incorporating all software and applications, hardware parts, peripherals and gizmos. So, this is pretty like “One-stop-Shopping”, where you get all. Providers bring diversity in their services with the induction of news, alerts and product reviews to woo their customers. Some are also active partners with Microsoft, HP, Dell and security software such as AVG, CA, Norton and others, and are offering their products with a blend of their customer-service.

The author is a technician at Techvedic technologies, a firm that delivers end to end Acer phone number to clients.Online computer repair, Acer support ,computer technical support, Acer customer support are few services offered at this one platform along with many others.

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