Don’t let people tell others how to love

Let people tell others how not to hate

Don’t let politicians use shots to their advantage

Let your mind analyse all the shots fired

Don’t let mimicry of a race, religion, ethnicity, nationality stigmatize

Let your streets see beyond the stereotypes

Don’t let one killing or rape in one part of the world –

denounce the value of another

Let it sink in that every life is a life

There’s a limit to racism, sexism, and all other -isms worthy of attention

There’s a limit to islamophobia, homophobia and all the other phobias worthy of attention

Because at the end of it all

Your limit to love over hate

Your limit to empathize over scrutinize

Your limit to choose peace over war

Is limitless

Is unattackable

Is bulletproof

So don’t stop to voice your opinion

So don’t stop to donate yours time, energy, blood and everything human

To help make humankind (and better)

Start now when the wounds are tender

Start now when we all need hope

Start now when the slayed are laid to rest

Start with you and let it multiply

These are the cancers and viruses of society

Treat them with kindness and care

Don’t (ever give up on humanity)