For the babies

Who are buried alive for being fe-male

For the tiny girls

Who are not allowed to pick blue because blue is strong and they are told they aren’t

For the toddlers

Who aren’t given a choice between a Barbie and Lego because society said so

For the girls who could be students

Who are prevented from going to school by the patriarchy of fear

For the teenage girls

Who are given impossible standards of beauty from cradle to grave

For the women

Who are asked to choose between a career and a family

For the young mothers

Who are guilt tripped into running a family and not the world — and still get credit for neither

For the women who champion sport

Who remain the unknown bolts unless they are cheerleading showpieces

For the women who are restricted

Who are told what they should do with their bodies or else shamed

For the hidden figures in math and science

Who are not remembered for their contributions to progress but are conveniently edited out of history

For the females who’ve been raped

Who were children — teens — co-workers — mothers — grandmothers

For the grandmothers

Who are told they need to act their age and change their lipstick and hair

For the women trailblazers and leaders

Who have to work twice as hard to be recognized to being half as good

For every XX

Who isn’t allowed to think for herself or given the opportunity to dream — big or small

For half of our world

Who still remain to be the unrepresented, undermined majority

It’s the least we can do for the bearers of our life line

For them

We fight

We protest

We act and not react

We go high when they go low

We humanize and not objectify

We celebrate

We are her.

Happy International Women’s Day 💃🏽

(March 8th 2017)