New Year’s Day dawned… from the West?!

This is the light that greeted me as I slippered out on the deck of the summer house in Portarlington, near Melbourne on Australia’s southern coast.

An intuitive response to Grab camera! as my pace quickened before I’d quite realised why.

The deck faces due West. I found myself double checking this while I was absorbing and photographing dawn breaking on the wrong side. Yes the grapevine recently completed the beautiful green screen to shield from that intense WESTERN late afternoon summer sun. No it wasn’t sunset, I had indeed slept from shortly after midnight a normal number of hours. Yes those were actual rays of light coming from the West through the clouds.

Dawn. On New Year's Day. In the West.



Can you guess why?

  1. Wolf moon, supermoon, predicted on January 1.
  2. This celestial ballet of light sent to taunt us was a conversation between the rising sun and the full moon.
  3. The sun in the east shone on the moon in the west, all above the clouds
  4. The moon beamed hard all that silver reflection right down in front of me

Embrace the wonder!

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