Be Still

Photo by Allef Vinicius

There is a simple way to secure oneself. It is Being. There a saying that goes, “You’re a human being not a human doing.” This can be true. However, the doing can be part of the being. You can be unhappy or suffering and still do a good or righteous act. One that matters, that means something to someone. Likewise, if you are just in bliss, as another saying goes, you may be sitting in ignorance.

If you are sitting in ignorance, the happiness you think you have attained is not actually real. It is not lasting. That bliss is blind.

Ignorance and indifference are the two evils. While it may not always be one’s fault for ignorance, ignorance may lead to wrongful action. You can make choices only when informed. And it is your responsibility to become informed. No one else is responsible for your success.

I take a “follow my gut” approach to this. My life goals are to write books that addresses diversity, social justice issues and self worth. One is a young adult fiction novel, and the other a self help book. But am I to proclaim myself a self help guru? “Woke Ally” is a term to be avoided as it is presumptuous and pretentious. My gut tells me that I must always assume I know nothing. Nothing is what I know, and that leads me to become inquisitive about everything. BE humble first if you are to Be anything.

When choosing what to do with your time, try this: Be Still. Be still not in the sense that you are not doing anything but that you quiet your mind long enough so that you can. Surrender to the silence and see what insights may come. Be what you want to be. In your mind, visualize the preferred outcome and feel the preferred feeling that you would like to have when attaining your goals. You are creating reality right then and there, in the moment. In the Now regardless of the future and of worries.

People all over the world are suffering. Animals are suffering. The earth does so much for us, and yet she is suffering also. There are enough causes to choose from. What you need to do first before you decide on one is to look at the Self.

Looking at the self sounds particularly selfish but it is not. You have to change yourself to make change, to BE change. You know the quote: “Be the change you wish to see” — Ghandi. This means focus on wellbeing, personal life, etc. is actually fundamental to creating change that is lasting. You can’t spread happiness if you’re not a happy person.

We forget we can control our emotions. In order to be happy, BE happy. Focus on that feeling. What makes you happy? Visualize it.

“Act as if.” Create the outcome you want by focusing on how you would feel once you achieved it.

I used this method before when writing. I visualized what it would feel like to be finished with writing a novel. Then, ideas for the plot, characters, and more flooded in. It was like I opened a window and let the sunlight in.

It all starts with attitude. It’s not about what happens, it’s about the response. You can control that response through Being.

When you create a powerful internal experience of BEING what you want to be, even if you can’t see how, even if you don’t know the way to it, you combat the hardships in your life.

Be Still. Stillness is about Surrender. You attempt to focus on breath and the visualization of what you most want.

Sometimes, the universe dishes out better deals. You may have a dream, and suddenly the universe tells you to dream even bigger than that. These dreams have to be realistic. For example, I can’t envision myself being an opera singing if I’ve never had lessons nor studied opera. The same goes for anything you set out to do.

You have to be real with yourself as much as you have to be open.

You are not always in control. The sooner you realize that the better. Control is an illusion. That’s why Surrender is so sweet. You can decide to let go.


Now even.


I hope you do.

Good Luck.