Prayer and the Russian Hospital

As I previously predicted, the more time that goes by the busier we get. While pondering this reality I realized that I had only posted prayer requests once! Shame on me!! Prayer is what we all desperately need all of the time. That being said, this is my informally formal prayer update:

  • First and foremost, please pray that everything we do and say is glorifying to God.
  • Pray that our relationships with all of the people here would continue to grow, especially with the transition home kids.
  • Pray for PATIENCE and a controlled temper. I have never been one to get genuinely angry…until Russia. It’s the product of a combination of emotions, but nonetheless it is anger, and because I have never really dealt with it, I have had a hard time not letting it show on my face. This is a very good lesson to learn, I just wasn’t expecting it haha.
  • Pray that God would aid us in the fight against discouragement and lies. All of us have been attacked by satan’s lies multiple times. We have definitely had downs on this trip, but it has been so wonderful to have a small group of strong Christian women to help encourage one another and rebuke the lies.
  • Pray for rest and health. We are all exhausted. We may not want to leave Russia, but we do want a break.
  • I was going to ask for prayer for my ears, but God already answered that one :) STORY TIME!

So see what had happened was that on Monday a group of us went swimming in the big lake not too far from the home. We had the best time (apparently I am a really good swimmer and the super-fit-Russians were impressed *I blush*)! Of course I got loads of water in my ears, but I thought nothing of it. Long story short, it wasn’t nothing. Let’s just say that lake water + overactive production of ear wax = a BAD combo. I was unable to hear out of both ears for two days. Tuesday night I began my adults class with an explanation for my possible yelling or whispering. One of the three Sashas (a doctor) offered for me to come to the hospital for help. He refused to let me pay because I am his teacher/friend (*tears well up here*). So the next morning Roma drove Joanna and I to the hospital. Yes, I went to a Russian hospital. Seriously, I have had all the experiences here hahaha. Sasha, who speaks very little English, took us to a small room where Roma and Joanna (my translators) had to stay while I went off with Sasha to a slightly terrifying elevator to go up five floors wearing little hospital booties around my feet. No offense Russia, but your hospitals are TERRIFYING. I kid you not, I felt like I was in an old wartime movie. There were out-of-body moments where I felt like I was watching myself and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at what I was seeing: Sasha guided me to another doctor (apparently Sasha wasn’t the one who was actually going to help me) who opened the door to our room. Inside was a nurse who was using some kind of metal something to open glass bottles filled with some peculiar yellow colored liquid. To the right was a metal table covered with a cloth that I later found out had metal bowls underneath with all sorts of outdated doctor tools, which I was “thrilled” to experience. Sasha left the room while I was with a Russian doctor and nurse I had never met who didn’t speak English. Whoohoo:P He sat me down, put a metal thing up my nostrils to check my nose, then plopped it into a bucket of what I’m assuming was some kind of sterilizer. Next he used a METAL tongue depressor to check my mouth, and then he used a metal ear checker thing to take a look inside my messed up ears. Obviously this allowed him to see the colony of wax figurines in my ears. So he guided me over to another chair by the sink and pulled out a MASSIVE tube-syringe thing that was a little smaller than a baseball bat. He handed me a metal tray to hold up on my shoulder under my ear so that it would catch the water and wax when he shot the hot water up my ears. Let me just say that what came out of my ears is unspeakable. I know it runs in my family and is therefore “common,” but oh my dang that was gross! After blasting both ears and keeping my gag reflexes in check, the kind doctor let me go, Sasha led me back downstairs (apparently I was going down the stairs really fast and lost one of my little hospital bootie things), and that was that. Oh, and the best part is, my ears were so clogged that I have been hearing sounds I haven’t heard before. No joke. I got a really bad headache on Tuesday and Wednesday because of how loud everything sounded. I have never been drunk (thank you, Lord), but that is what I assume the sound-sensitivity is like. A furrowed brow grew across my face when Joanna opened the bag of cereal. Her and Michaela looked at me like I was crazy, but man oh man, cereal bags are loud! So is typing on the computer. Anyway, Wednesday morning I was in a Russian hospital, got my ears fixed, and by 6:30 I was at the lake again swimming. Eta Russia! (“This is Russia.”)

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