Day 1: Journey to Minimalism

[PSA: When I started this project, I did not think I would start a blog so here’s my “field notes” so-to-speak, from day 1]

-Once I started making some progress in getting rid of clothing and unnecessary items that I haven’t touched in months, I immediately felt more liberated

-When I started getting through my clothing and deciding what to give away, I found myself feeling guilty for wanting to give away items that were gifts (so I am trying to figure out how to honor the people who gave me these items but also stick to my goal and hopefully new lifestyle. It’s a hard balancing act right now)

-I find I have some surges of motivation and then some lulls and questioning whether I can really do this. it’s kind of overwhelming just because it’s only day one and I am already having these thoughts, but i am still optimistic!

-I am realizing that as I go through my items, a lot of memories are brought back and that’s why I am so scared to get rid of these items. That being said, I am going through necklaces right now, and I am forcing myself to get rid of at least half of them because I never wear necklaces in general anyways.

When I started putting my necklaces in the bag to give away, I found myself getting a bit sad and I actually kept a few more items than I originally expected to.

I kept some souvenirs that my parents brought back from trips because I felt guilty about giving them away.

Is guilt normal when trying to turn to a minimalist lifestyle?

How do people get through it?

I found myself trying to justify why I should keep a certain clothing item (2 sports bras in this case) and I realized that was just because I am an anxious person and worry that I will regret something. But then I thought about my goal here. and I hadn’t worn those two for months so I forced myself to give them away to stay authentic to my goal of downsizing and living more simply.

It was hard to do but it is definitely the right decision for me even if it doesn’t feel like it right now.

One really hard thing for me to recognize is that I don’t need to go 100% minimalist right away. That it’s a process and I’m just at the very beginning, but it’s going to take some time to get there.

Day 1: Donation pile

A concern I have: My family is not going minimalist so I have to make sure I can still do things with them. This includes keeping some outfits for going out that I otherwise would not keep. I’m starting to learn more about they way I need to go about this so that I don’t limit the amount of experiences I can have with my family or friends. That being said, I also want to stick to my personal goal so I’m still trying to find a middle path for right now. Especially since I still live under my parent’s roof.

Lesson learned today: This process is simultaneously incredibly liberating and really freaking hard to let go and fully dive into it.

I’m still working on throwing myself into it completely but I can already tell that it’ll be good…

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