Sarah, thanks for sharing your advice and experience on this topic.
Janessa Lantz

All great points, Janessa, thank you! I agree that it does come back to work styles because all 3 of the people who didn’t work out, I did really like! But it wasn’t “easy-feeling” compared to the ones who were good fits.

The ones who were more dominant, I couldn’t relax with. And relaxing is how I want to be with my team, which is a stylistic thing on my part. (Not mimosas on the beach, but just an ease and trust that naturally occurs when it’s the right fit.)

I love that HubSpot uses DiSC. I wonder about working that in pre-hire or near the final stages of a hire? I can imagine it’s an insightful look into how someone operates, especially insightful when you know the kind of person you’re looking for in the first place for the role.