When you just want to ‘write something’ !

What to write?? Far out, I’ve got so much to say about stuff, anything, everything. I want to write like I talk, and I’ve never had a problem with with that.

How do you write?? I just want to write!

I’m a talker, always have been. Just look at my report cards from school- possibly from kindy to grade 12 most of them would say ‘Sarah talks too much in class’ or ‘If Sarah put as much effort into her work as she does talking, then she would improve greatly!’ Well… there you go!

So, just to now to put my talking or my love of conversation into written words.

I can strike up a conversation with most. I’m the one who consistently breaks the ice with strangers, with people who look like they want to talk but don’t know how to start. I’m the one who asks the questions that no one wants to. The one who wants to know everything about it all. The one who always asks ‘WHY?’…I am not content to sit and not speak. The one who is not content with ‘Dunno’ answers.

So how do I put everything into words on here?

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