How Do I Stretch My Hip Flexors?

This is a snippet from a recent Q & A session done on Facebook Live.

Below you can find the transcription.

“What can I do to stretch my hip flexors? How often should I do it?” I’m going to show you a really simple exercise again. We’re going to kneel down in this position. If you want to you can it on a sofa or a chair or something, you might even have your knee up a little bit like this. All we’re going to do, I’m going to my hands out of the way so you can see, we’re just going to move forwards and backwards, nice and steady, nice and slow. Then we’re going to side to side, it’s almost like you don’t even care you’re doing this exercise. You can’t be bothered. Sitting watching telly, waiting for the kettle or whatever.

Then I’m going to around in circles. The point of the movement is that if your body has a capability of moving in as many different directions as you can think of, and you only stretch one of them, then the time it will take you to try and get to the bit that’s stuck would be a really long time. Just by moving it around to stretch like this, you’re finding that bit that stuck straight away and you’re listening to your body. Your focus is then your stuck bit, not the sore bit.

We’re not going to do this. Can you see that? My shoulders aren’t moving, we’re not going to do that. That too, we’re dancing, I’m not interested in that. Let your shoulders flop to one side and move around really comfortably. Keep everything nice and slow and you won’t go wrong. We’re staying away from the pain, staying away from the bouncing, staying away from all of that stuff. How often should you do it? As often as you remember, really. You don’t need to warm up for this stuff. You’re not going to push it to the point where it’s sore. Just nice and comfortable. You can do it when you wake up. You can do it when you’ve been sitting down too long. You can do it before you go to bed. You can do it before you train. You can do it whenever you like really.

Great, you just have to do it nice and slow.

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