Emotions are an oxymoron. I hate to love them.

Little do we know in high school. However, we think we know a lot. Parents are wrong and we were right. You know how it goes.

It isn’t until you fail, or are beaten that you come to realize, damn, they were right. My mom does know more than me, she does have my best interests in my mind.

Take this with a grain of salt. For I want to save you a bit of suffering. Know that everything you get yourself into, is for a reason. Things will fall into place; but also out of place. We may not know why it seems like our life is crashing down around us, but I promise it isn’t over. You are a fighter with so much compassion and determination.

Emotions seem to get me into the worst of it. Whether it be friends, family, or boyfriends, something always seem to go awry. If this happens to you, if you have ever felt that nothing is going right- congrats.

You’re alive. You’re living. You’re experiencing life as its meant to be lived.

Be with me now; in the present moment. Know that it will get better. Those things that come to an end, will blossom into something greater.

Let go.
Don’t cling, for the Buddha says.