The Key to Your Business Success You May Be Overlooking

A few weeks ago I posted a reflection about my week to my Facebook page. Since then I have received an outpouring of responses, emails and private messages from women saying how much they could relate to that post.

Here is what I shared about my week that created an explosion of conversation:

“… I’m speaking to so many beautiful brilliant women who are trying to find the magic pill, the perfect formula, the answer to get to six-figures or some of you who shared your goals of becoming financially free, to restore your health again, love your life, escape exhaustion and burnout and build the lifestyle that you truly desire.

First, thank you. Thank you for sharing your life and business with me. It’s an honor to be on this journey with you. Second, here is what I want you all to know: all the structures, systems, formulas and best practices in the world can be replicated, taught, and regurgitated.

But there is more to life and more to being moved and inspired to act (which is what we are asking our clients and customers to do — to act, to be willing to change their lives, to be open, to be ready now).

Here is what you need to remember: without YOU those structures, systems, formulas and practices are just tools and they don’t necessarily guarantee you success.

We need them, in fact; they play an essential role in our business models. However, without one key component, they can become empty and lack human connection. What will get you to where you want to be is

staying in your own lane.



Your Voice. Your Mind. Your Strengths. Your Story. Your Vision.

Your Purpose. Your Mission.

It’s time to BRING IT. It’s time to connect.


YOU are your biggest asset in business and in life. Nurturing, strengthening, valuing, investing in, honoring and growing YOU is essential to your success. Successful leaders commit to their own growth and evolution in all areas of their life knowing that without taking care of themselves, their ability to lead and succeed is diminished.

It requires courage to do the inner work; to push yourself, to take the the leap, to change your life so that you are available for all that you know you are meant for creating.

And you are a whole, capable woman ready to make this leap.

Leadership is a lifestyle.

It’s not a business tactic or strategy. It’s not a one-time program.

It’s the key.

Women leaders will create the movements that change the world.

Sarah Kaler is a Business + Leadership Coach and Founder of SoulPowered, a leadership development and coaching company that coaches extraordinary women leaders and conscious companies on a mission to create change in the world and have a life they love. Connect with her at or follow her on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

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