The Stranger Things/Sex and the City Mashup We Didn’t Know We Needed.

Oh, honey.

(Careful. Spoiler alert for Stranger Things)

You must’ve spent 8 hours watching the entirety of Stranger Things recently.

And maybe you’ve never spent the 1 day and 23 hours it would take to watch all of Sex and The City, but you must know (or have heard of) the character, Samantha Jones: The bona fide sexpert of the group and queen of the double entendre.

Like, Samantha with her oh-so-many-men (and some women), it’s the combination of the two that makes for so much fun. We (Sarah Kennedy, Katie Goetch, and Kelli Trapnell) present the Samantha Jones/Stranger Things meme to end all memes.

That little piece of perfect art is the contribution of Mr. Graeme Metcalf, himself

Feel like giving it a try? Make your own here and post them for all to see. It’ll be easier than getting the lunch lady’s hidden pudding! Oh, honey!