You Gotta Have Faith

by Sarah Goldsmith

I’ve noticed quite a few articles and stories about the subject of faith, some people getting quite angry about the belief that others have in terms of religion or a way of life. Now, I’m not religious at all, but I couldn’t help wanting to defend these people who do believe in a higher being or whatever it might be. If they want to believe in something, to have faith in something, then what is wrong with that? As long as that faith doesn’t direct you to hurt someone else then I’m all for it. Whatever gets you through the day or through the night.

I feel that having faith in something or someone just makes life a little easier to bear. Let’s face it, life is bloody hard at times. Having faith that it’ll get better or that something good will happen surely isn’t a bad thing?

I’m not advocating we all walk around in some Pollyanna style daydream, looking at life through rose-tinted windows. What I am saying, is that if your faith makes you feel a little bit rosier then no one should have the right to trample on it.

So whether you have faith in a spiritual being who will claim you and take you to a beautiful afterlife, or if you have faith that your kids will go to the best university and forge an amazing career, or just simply that you have faith that you won’t burn dinner tonight, keep holding on to that belief. Don’t let anyone take it from you.

As the wonderful George Michael once sang, you gotta have faith!