Time is Ticking

Last summer, I happened upon an electronic store, planning to get my new phone. I eventually got my LG G3 from a T-Mobile store. It’s a good phone so I bought the same one after losing my first one (you should get insurance so you have a peace of mind and don’t pay full price. At the store, the sales associate recognized me from school so I was having another “what a small world” moment. Though I didn’t get my phone from him, I got something more valuable.

In the whole year, there is 365 * 24 = 8,760 hours. Of the 8,760 hours, about 1/3 is consumed in sleep as the average person should sleep about 8 hours per day. So I was thinking, why does it seem like I still don’t have enough time when I have 2/3 of the year to do so?

It literally came down to time management. I have to admit that I am not a good time keeper but am working on it as I would feel bad leaving my boyfriend at the subway station waiting for me to come.

After joining Access Code 2.1, I began to juggle two jobs and school again as I did in my college life. I realized that it was not the overload that made it seem that I did not have time to do everything but scheduling my time to make sure my time was not being wasted. I tend to overwork on something which is time-consuming so if I put a time limit, I would learn how to better manage my time and stop working on something that is not efficient.

I used to keep a planner when I was a little girl but it was really for the aesthetics. Go to any book store and you’d see so many cute designs on the planners so I rarely wrote inside of it. Now I know that I should open the planner and write in it. Heck, I could start writing anything inside of it!! Afterall, it’s my own book of thoughts.

So what is my next agenda? Buy a planner~!! (wait, I could just use my phone or computer☺)