The spa, yet another place women can’t go by themselves

How many of us women have a story of where we were flashed, followed, touched, or even whacked off to? ONE TOO MANY OF US!

Today, my girl friends and I went to the spa and had a wonderful relaxing day until the end. Abby, Linda, and I had been lying down and relaxing for about 10 minutes when all of a sudden, Abby jumped up so fast that she hit her head on the ceiling. She murmured, “I gotta go,” and left.

Linda and I stayed where we were assuming Abby had left because she was hot. After that momentary break, I continued focusing on my breath taking long inhales and exhales, but just a minute later, Linda said she was going so I also decided to exit as I was starting to get too hot anyways. As I was leaving, I felt someone staring at me but disregarded it. I have an issue with people staring at me so have been learning to ignore it and let it go.

It was just a few minutes after Abby had left the sauna, but it was long enough for her to ask, “Where were you guys? I told you ‘we gotta go!’” “Ohhh, we thought you were hot and said ‘I gotta go’”, we replied.

Well here’s what happened that made Abby jump up so quickly. While in the sauna with us, she had heard excessive noise coming from one man across the man. Curious, she looked over and unexpectedly locked eyes with him. He was staring at her intensely and moving his hand up and down under his bathing suit shorts.

As soon as she told me that, I blurted, “I want to go look.” Not because I’m a pervert myself, but in the hopes to catch and identify him in order to report him. But being in the midst of Abby’s shock and retelling of the story and knowing that two men had entered the sauna after we left, the moment just passed.

We moved to the other side of the spa to grab our waters and towels, and our other friend, Amanda, who had not been in the sauna with us said, “I have a worser story.” Then she retold her account of a pervert masturbating to her and her friend in Spain while they took photos of each other doing yoga. Of course, they too could do nothing about it.

This is the world us women live in:

a man’s world; a world where you’re caught up in the moment, one thing leads to another, and the moment passes; a world where we look back and say, “Well if I really was more aggressive and listened to my gut, I could’ve done something”; a world where in the moment, we feel like we can’t do anything; a world where disgusting men who do whatever they want wherever they want somehow make us feel like the shameful ones; and a world where when one woman experiences a vulgar act, another woman has a story to match or “beat” it.

Dear women, you are not alone in these experiences. Unfortunately, they happen to us all. If you have a story to share in hopes it’ll make the rest of us stronger to act immediately in the situation, or at the very least, get it off your chest, feel free to add it to this publication or email for me to publish.

Excuse my use of quotes and punctuation combined. It happens…