Running Away isn’t Always Physical

It can also be spiritual and mental

So many times before, I’ve used travel not a means of exploration but as an escape.

I thought that by changing my surroundings, I could change the way I relate to the world and myself.

This is becasue I was so sure that the pain I was harboring was directly related to a time and a place.

Since time was out of my control, the only other logical option was a change in place.

But travel can only be a distraction for so long.

You can only travel so far before you catch up to yourself.

Over time I slowly realized that the problem was not my location, but the resitance I was harboring towards myself.

I was trying to run from myself by denying the very parts of me that still needed to be healed.

Refusing to face, accept, or release past hurts only caused them to linger.

You can’t run from your pain, your problems or yourself; eventually what has always been there will resurface.

This time around I refuse to run.

I refuse to let my problems chase me.

And to Define me.

I will use my travels as an expression of my freedoms, rather than a shield.

I will no longer run, I will only welcome.

“I wont be no runaway, cause I won’t run” — The National

Sarah Kreuz is a writer, traveler, and spiritual nomad. She wanders the globe going towards whatever direction is calling her name. She is the host of Art of the Unknown, a podcast dedicated to documenting her spiritual journey.

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