Pre-course (week 1)

Sunday 9.8.2015

This weekend I’ve felt guilty and not because I’ve done something — quite the opposite. I have allowed myself to enjoy the rare view of the sun in Denmark and spend some quality time with my family before it all sets in.

During the pre-course (initial four weeks of Makers which are off-site), the first weeks are spent on the command line and Git. Realising that the Friday challenge (end-of-week assignment to test your understanding) was already up, and that we didn’t have to await any further instructions, I noticed fellow Makers submitting theirs early. I felt the group pressure as you definitely don’t want to fall behind. Being a part of a big cohort consisting of people with completely different backgrounds and coding skills, I guess my greatest fear is this — falling behind. At this stage, I am not familiar with my own code learning abilities and where to place my technical skills compared to the other Makers. At Makers you’re never done, and when it’s stated that you should spend 15–20 hours/week on coding during the pre-course, this is meant as a minimum — there’re not upper limit for your learning. The harder you work, the more you learn.

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