This past summer I got the amazing opportunity to travel to Uganda for two weeks. In just those two weeks, my eyes were opened to things in ways i never imagined. It was a cultural shock to say the least but in the most beautiful way. One of the many things that opened m eyes was the importance of shoes and how much we take that for granted. When’s the last time you stressed about not having shoes to wear? I can say I never have. In those two weeks, I was shocked to see how many children did not own one single pair of shoes, and if they did they were either the wrong size or falling apart. Some children were not even allowed to go to school because they did not have any shoes. SHOES.

A couple of us girls decided to purchase some shoes at the local market for some families we came in contact with. They were about $1 in American money for each pair. I can not express the feeling getting to see their faces light up when they were able to put those shoes on for the first time.It brought me to tears. Something so simple as shoes. My take away from this moment was not focused on taking pity on what they did not have, but showed me that even thought they were so grateful for shoes on their feet, their happiness was constant. They were satisfied before the shoes were even given to them. The change I saw most in people when they accepted Christ in their life. THAT is when I saw souls awaken and truly be filled with joy that the world can never satisfy. Those moments are the ones that mattered the most. Shoes are temporary, but Jesus is forever.

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