Request For Speakers(Of The Female Investor Persuasion)


(To clarify, this is not for fundraising, if you are looking to raise money from female investors check out

I try to be more solution oriented than problem focused. To that end, I am skipping commentary on the absolute shit show that has been sexism and gender issues in tech(tl;dr — unacceptable and needs to improve) and focusing on fixing one small corner of the world where I hear a recurring problem that has a dead simple solution.

Investors are the idle rich of the startup world. We are largely tasked with reading about new technologies and trends, opining on new technologies and trends, and spending a god awful amount of money on coffee meetings. We sit on panels, give pull quotes for tech articles and argue amongst ourselves on Twitter. Nice work if you can get it…and those getting ‘it’ and the accompanying visibility opportunities are 85–94% men(changes study to study, is 100% unacceptable). Point out their shitty gender parity to a conference organizer or reporter and you get one of the following responses: 1. “I reached out to tons of women, none responded/could do it”. 2.”I don’t know any relevant women”.

Well, people who live on a planet that is half women but can never seem to find any when they need one, I have solved your problem. Introducing the Female Investors Opportunities List. It’s a Google Group comprised of every female startup investor you know of and tons you don’t. They’re smart, they write checks and they are available to speak, be interviewed, mentor, judge and invite to your super private influencers dinners. They’re from all over the country, they will travel for the right opps and they provide insight and capital you’re otherwise lacking.

How to get access? For now, email kunstsar at gmail with any opportunities and I will share with the group. They will respond directly to you, you will know more amazing women whose money and insights will bolster the prestige and efficacy of your conference or article. (Very tip of the iceberg) problem solved!

Female startup investors — email me to get added to the list.

Advisor to & Investor in 35+ companies including @littlefund @sheerlygenius @blendoorapp @bumble. @marieclairemag contributing editor. @cleocapital VC.

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