Become Superhuman: How to hire a Virtual Assistant (Includes Successful Templates, Exact Steps…)
Victor Mathieux

Great points, and I agree with everything you wrote! There are so many benefits to working with a VA. When considering if whether to work with a freelance VA or with a VA company, there are many things to consider. There are benefits to both, and it’s a matter of choice, and comfort level — but an important component when deciding to hire a virtual professional. By using an agency, while generally more expensive, you skip the legwork of screening the candidates, and the hassle of not knowing whether the “untried” person will work out! Most of the clients we work with look for that “peace of mind” which is obviously backed by agencies who offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and who promote a thorough vetting and screening process. Or course, it’s all about finding the right VA for your requirements and really preparing the make the partnership successful whether you use a freelancer or an agency.