Thoughts on Diversity Part 2. Why Diversity is Difficult.

Wow, there is so much about this it’s hard to choose. One part that got my goat:

“There were also the Hiring Committee meetings that became contentious when I advocated for diverse candidates. Candidates who were dinged for not being fast enough to solve problems, not having internships at ‘strong’ companies and who took too long to finish their degree. Only after hours of lobbying would they be hired. Needless to say, the majority of them performed well.”

These “factors” are all indicative of a social economic divide, which allots privileged persons to take those ‘strong’ internships and work for little or no pay typically. It takes them shorter amounts of time to finish those degrees being paid for out of pocket without taking on ludicrous amounts of debt. And the whole solving problems angle is a time honored obstacle, take the SAT, of once again not being culturally trained into said candidates. I can’t even! I, we, all as a diverse minority fight the good fight but when mentalities like this exist progress is at a snails pace. And the pace is so tiring it creates an acceptance of less as normal as acceptable as, you’re not landing those top slots because you’re not trying hard enough which is complete and utter bologna! Rant concluded.

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