Shout your goals from the rooftop

Sarah Chambers
Feb 17, 2017 · 3 min read

This week I couldn’t make it to the recording of the Support Breakfast podcast about promotion and career progression. But listening back to the wisdom of Conor, Dave and Sarah gave me some strong thoughts about publicizing goals. So I’m writing about them separately!

First — go listen to this episode. My thoughts are separate, but you should still really listen to it.

In the episode they talk about how each of them communicates and formalizes goals with their team leads. Dave shares how everyone’s goals and OKRs are internally transparent at Buffer. It’s just how they do things. I love this transparency. If your team doesn’t know what your career plans are, I strongly recommend taking some time to share them.


Because the beauty of public goals is that everyone around you can help you work towards them.

Teams need to support each other. For example, Lululemon is big on setting goals. They use BHAG to remind team members that goals should be Big Hairy and Audacious. And these goals are usually put up in store for everyone to see.

Some of them are simple. I will run 100 miles in 2015. I will learn to play the guitar by April 2016. But some of them are more ambitious. Climb Mount Everest, finish medical school, become store manager. Regardless of the size of the goal, putting them up on the wall makes each goal-setter accountable for their success. Team members can ask how their guitar lessons are going. They can make plans to go training together. Showcasing everyone’s hopes and dreams makes it easy to support each other.

In Brooklyn 99 (great show, watch it) there’s a super keen detective Amy Santiago. I’m pretty sure she states she wants to make Captain every episode. Everyone in the precinct knows her goal. And they all help her work towards it. Santiago is the first to fill in if the Captain is away. She gets asked to lead programs, mentor people and run for head of the union. Everyone around her has her back and pushes her to meet her goals.

Working with people that have your back is the best way to accomplish big things.

If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together. — African Proverb

All this makes me believe that you need to publicize your goals in order to achieve them. If you wonder why no one supports your goals, you might ask yourself first — have you even told them what they are?

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