Fearless girls shouldn’t have to save us

You say that Patriarchy is designed to exhaust us if it doesn’t gore us to death first. but that isn’t so. There is no design, there is no controlling body, there isn’t even a membership.

Patriarchy resulted from historical mores, from a time when men’s physical superiority was essential to survival. Now that we live in times that do not offer advantage to superior strength patiachy is fading. It is not near as predominant as it was in my father’s age, and nowhere near as entrenched as in my Grandfather’s time. It is fading, but not fast enough. There is little in a practical sense that can be done, that is not already being done, to speed the process up. I am fortunate in that I work in an area that is female centric, editing and publishing, so I do not experience much of as problem in my career, but I certainly have experienced it in other areas of life. Frustrating, annoying, but not likely to change soon.

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