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While my piece speaks specifically to the objectification of women, you bring up an important point too. Have you read Katelyn Burnspiece on locker rooms? There are a few anecdotes that touch on that topic, like this bit:

I remember getting ready for varsity basketball practice when I was in tenth grade. One of the captains, Joe, was stripped down to his boxers and as I was lacing up my high tops, he called another senior over: “Hey Brian, I’ve got something here for you!” Spreading his legs slightly, he presented his crotch. Brian sat down, glanced over at me, winked, and moved his head down to simulate oral sex.

There were a couple other boys in the lockers at the time. No one was saying anything, just watching. All of a sudden, just before making physical contact, Brian yanked his head back, a huge grin on his face while pointing and laughing at each person who was watching this all go on. “I got you! I got you! You really thought I was going to do it, didn’t you! I got you all!” He pointed at me last. “You liked that most, didn’t you, K? You want to switch places with me? I bet Joe wouldn’t make you stop if you did.”