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Hi, my name is Sarah Guthrie and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Education (Primary) at ACU. I have started this blog in order to expand my PLN and express my thoughts and interests. I believe that education is key when it comes to creating a society which thrives and continues to grow. In order to improve the world and the nation it is important for new generations to be well informed and educated about the world around them and their own impact on others.

As an aspiring educator, I hope to encourage and inspire future generations to be kind, generous, and accepting, whilst also encouraging them to set personal goals and work hard to accomplish them. I strongly agree with the idea that children are our future, and in order to ensure the success of our country and the countries around us, it is important that all children receive an education which will allow them to work towards making the world a better place.

I am very passionate about human rights and equality, and am constantly looking for ways in which I can contribute to improving peoples lives. A couple of years ago I travelled to Cambodia on a volunteer trip, where I visited a school and an orphanage. This was a life changing experience that helped me with my decision to become a teacher. I hope that in the future I not only teach in schools in Australia, but one day get the opportunity to also teach in countries that are less fortunate than ours. I feel as though teaching in a school like the one in Cambodia, would be extremely rewarding as I would have the opportunity to inspire children who don’t have the opportunities that we do. I believe that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty, and improving lives all around the world.

(Disclaimer: All work in this blog is my own except when referenced)

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