The Holy Mysteries of Science

Photo by Anthony from Pexels

I grew up in a strict Christian home. My dad’s beliefs were not to be questioned. A lot of them did not make sense to me. I am not a Christian anymore but I hold strong beliefs that religion and science are not enemies. An ignorant population is easy to control and the church has had that control for millennia.
 Early scholars were monks and used science to become closer to God. I believe that is what religions across the world call on their believers to do; learn the truth and discover the wonders of the world.. To question their beliefs and the popular impression if something seems off.
 Religious leaders, like many other authority figures, don’t want believers to learn and question them because means they are losing control of a population. Popular religious beliefs have changed over time causing wars, different religions and denominations, and exposing corruption in the hierarchy.
 Each Christian sect started as branching off from Judaism because they believed the Messiah had come. Protestants broke from the Catholic church through either the Church of England or Martin Luther. Each religion evolved through changing beliefs and questioning the norm. Some incorporated scientific and historical fact.
 It is fascinating how everything in the world works. If you believe in a higher power, why would you think there would be no reason to how it was made? God gave us curiosity and all the mysteries of the universe. If you believe knowledge trivializes the existence of God, how much faith do you really have?