Why You Don’t Need Fitness & Nutrition Advice from Athletes
Kaila Prins

I agree with the statement, “you don’t need fitness & nutrition advice from athletes”. It is safe to say that a normal person would not benefit much from the advice of somebody who most likely does not have the same lifestyle as the average American.

There are many fad diets that are circulating that many people in social spotlights are practicing. You have the Paleo diet, Juice diet, Warm diet, vegetarian or vegan diet, Mediterranean diet, and countless others to choose from. It seems as if everyone in the magazines or tabloids are trying something new and it is working for them, giving them great results, a great figure, or a great body. I am sure, that without the physical trainer and a health coach that most sports stars and celebrities have, it is more difficult to sustain the diet that they have chosen.

Although some of the different diets work for some people, most are tricked into believing that every diet “works” and you can get results from all of the fad or crash diets that are out there. I suggest not pursuing one of these diets that will most likely not be sustainable, but try to improve your lifestyle and the dietary choices you make over time. Don’t deprive yourself of a certain type of food because it doesn’t “fit the diet you are on”. Eat those foods in moderation and consume less and less of them over time.

Aside from the nutrition side of things, these celebrities and sport stars tend to have personal trainers that give them workouts, which can be motivating and prove good results. Most Americans do not have the access to these trainers or coaches, and find it more difficult to sustain this type of lifestyle, but like nutrition, changing over time and moderation is definitely the key to changing in a stronger and healthier way.

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