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My name is SARAH LOXTON i am from UK, I have been suffering from HIV/Aids for over 8 years now, i have spent all my money to make sure i get healthy all day, and live a happy life, last month January 16th 2015, I came in contact with a traditional doctor on internet who is called Dr AYES who has help much people to cure their aids disease, firstly i taught it was a scam or joke until i contacted him ” ‘ his website via and email on and” and he reply me within 21hr and said that if i am ready to get rid of my disease, i told him yes, and he collected my details and told me that his temple is the final point to my problem.with the way he approach me and he also courage and also advice me,with the way he advice me i was happy because no body has even talk to me in that manner.we keep on talking on mail and call,he told me that he has a medication that he will send for me that if i use it for 3 days that my problem will be soon as he was done with the preparation of the medication he inform me that he is done with the preparation of the medication.i never still believe him until he ask for my address and a week later he send the medication to me and i use it as i was instructed. guess what happen after using it i called him and tell him that i am through using it he told me to go for medical check up and the doctor confirm it that i am now HIV negative.i am sharing this testimony to people who have be scam before or have that believe that there is no HIV cure,that with the help of doctor Ayes that your problem are over and friends and families who left me before run back to me. I now found out that God in Heaven is using this man to bless and heal us , he is a great and powerful man, again I say to you that God Almighty will uplift you and your great work you did for I and other people. Please i will sincerely advice all HIV patient to contact this great powerful man called Dr AYES for your solutions now via his website via and email on and he will help you on your HIV problems never you give up until you are free from this deadly disease because your health is your wealth…
phone number +2348033372023

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