crown hair transplant in Dubai- an cure for baldness

Crown hair transplant in Dubai have become increasingly common for the treatment of hair loss. There are a million factors that go into determining why you are suffering from hair loss. These factors include genetics, poor diet, hormonal problems, age, pregnancy and much more. If you are suffering from baldness or hair thinning on the top most part of your head, then you are suffering from crown baldness. The solution for this type of baldness lies in crown hair transplant in Dubai.

Techniques for crown hair transplant in Dubai

There are two major techniques which are used for crown hair transplant in Dubai; Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplant. Either of these techniques is chosen depending upon the nature of hair loss and individual preference. If individuals have a wide bald area to be covered; they lose hair in the crown and frontal area is well, surgeons will most likely go for FUT hair transplant technique. If you only suffer from baldness in the crown region, then hair doctor Dubai will incline towards FUE technique. Sometimes the combination of both the techniques is used. Normally about 3000 grafts are transplanted at maximum in one single transplant surgery. If you are looking for getting a permanent fix for your baldness, then you must come to Hair Transplant Dubai clinic. We have the best team of surgeons and techniques which will ensure best results for hair transplant surgery.

Most important aspect of surgical hair restoration

The most important part of surgical hair transplant lies in initial consultation. If the initial consultation goes well, so will your surgery be. In initial consultation it is important to convey your expectations from the surgery clearly to hair doctor Dubai. An ideal consultation must include following parameters: medical history, determination of type of hair loss, final outcome and realistic expectations of the surgery. Surgeon will take photographs of your scalp from every angle to analyze the condition of hair fall. A surgeon will most likely show you some before and after photographs of the other patients. He will give you a brief overview of the surgery and determine what he/she can and cannot achieve. An ideal surgeon is the one who takes a holistic approach towards the cure for hair loss and not push you towards a certain procedure.

An overview of surgical procedure

The process of hair transplant is entirely painless as anesthesia is administered to the scalp of the patient. It is important to follow the pre-operative instructions given to you by the surgeon. Few key pointers include avoiding blood thinners, alcohol consumption and smoking.

· During the procedure, the grafts are extracted either via using FUT or FUE technique. Either the strip bearing follicular units is extracted or individual hair grafts are extracted.

· Afterwards grafts are implanted on the recipient’s region. Tiny incisions are made and implanted on the bald area.

· Some clinics also provide free platelet rich plasma therapy sessions along with hair transplant surgery to counter the temporary side effect of shock loss. Shock loss is a temporary condition in which a client temporarily loses hair for a period of month after hair transplant surgery. Not to worry as the hair typically comes back within few months.

· It is important to follow post operative care afterwards. This mainly includes visiting the surgeon regularly, avoiding strenuous activities and taking pain killers and anti biotics on a regular basis. If you notice anything unusual, visit your hair doctor immediately.

· This treatment will leave you with heightened confidence and improved looks.

Advantages of the crown hair transplant in Dubai

Following are the advantages of vertex/crown hair transplant:

· Latest techniques are there to enhance the natural appearance of your scalp and hair.

· The results are permanent and do not require any special care or maintenance in the future.

· People can go back to their daily routine in a few days.

· It does not hinder with your daily activities.