Desirable New Features ‘Live Chat with Friends’ and ‘Live With’ by Facebook

Facebook Live Chat With Friends

The orb is getting even smaller because of recent technology implementation and our inclination to adapt fast. In this race, Internet stands first to play the prime for driving major technical mutations. However, the fastest medium of transmittance is the social network and Facebook is at the front connecting people across the seven continents. Facebook makes communication easier to transform the world into a global village. With such innovation, Facebook becomes inspiration to thousands of mobile app development companies for making them think- what more they can do next to Facebook updates.

To make communication easier and cheaper, Facebook has adopted video as the medium and came up with live chat over video sharing. Now this social giant is ready with a couple of novel features, namely-“Live chat with friends” and “Live With”.

Previously, Facebook had introduced only the public chats which are deluged with comments over a specific website. But now you can able to invite your friends to hangout over a live stream with much of chatting and enjoying the video all at a time with “live chat with friends” feature by Facebook. During the conversation, you may quit at any moment and join the public chat window kipping Facebook messenger on for friends to chat further.

“Live with” by Facebook allows the users to invite other users to their live video or simply it’s like-Facebook live use by multiple users as a whole. Users can do this in landscape mode to have side-by-side layout as well as in portrait mode to have picture-in-picture. To access Facebook “live with”- Select a guest from live viewers section or tap on a comment of the viewer whom you want to invite. Moreover, guest has options to accept or reject the request.

The Facebook app developers have done really a great job as with this live with feature; interviews could be conducted for the people in the remote locations and thus Facebook fuels more innovations.