A story of love

There once was a woman who fell in love
 Her past experiences made it hard for her, kind of.

 She just wanted to be alone a little to often,
 Her heart was hard and not willing to soften.

 One day came along and brought her prince charming,
 Her heart went into shock, it was all to alarming.

 The warnings flashed in front of her face,
 but she couldn’t tell her heart not to race.

 She had been in this position many times before,
 But she thought those past things were behind a closed door.

 The more time she spent with her new found beau,
 The fonder her heart began to grow.

 Her friends all were proud and wished her the best,
 In her new found relationship she knew she was blessed.

 Years went by and they continued to flourish,
 The love they had was completely nourished

 One day came along and things became so automatic,
 Tempers showed and attitudes became dramatic.

 Horrible words were said and insults were shouted,
 The weed she feared from her past, had now been born and wildly sprouted.

 Alcohol was found to be the common factor,
 Making her princes into the detractor.

 They all took for granted the love she had shared,
 The heart she always guarded was now empty and bare.

 The loved ones around her became concerned,
 They all knew the hurt inside her burned.

 “From now on,” she promised “things will change,
 even though my heart will fight this, and it may be strange,”

 “I promise to love me and only me,
 for I am worth it and more, I can see,”

 “I need to focus on myself,
 and put all the other pain up on a shelf.”

 “I will love me, and I will flourish you see,
 for I know that I can care for myself perfectly”

 “I don’t need a man to tell me how to live,
 or one that wants everything but doesn’t want to give”

 Someday this princess will find her perfect prince,
 One that will beg and plead and her heart convince,

 That she is worth everything in the world and more,
 A man that completely loves her and one that she will adore.

 A provider, a caretaker, a lover, and a friend,
 A man that will love each and every part of her until the end.

 So if you know this women please offer her support,
 reassure her that she should never sell herself short.

 Tell her that she is worth everything and more,
 That she is someone that many adore.

 Love her and hug her and tell her it will be alright,
 for the sun is shining and the day is bright.

 So just remember that this story is true,
 Share it with someone who’s heart may be blue.

 Lift them up and tell them to stand tall
 for this is temporary, and time will heal all.
 -Dedicated to the strongest women in the world. I love you.-

Originally published at walkherway.blogspot.com on May 26, 2016.