King of procrastination

This name he has earned and it is what he has become
 The man who truly believes he answers to no one
 He has been spoiled his whole life through
 Getting his way is nothing new
 This man I talk about is selfish you see,
 He believes he deserves everything for free
 His time is his own and that’s all that matters
 Not minding at all those lives he shreds to tatters 
 His feelings are hidden beneath a deep shell
 Blocking out everything, the world he will not tell. 
 The man I tell you about today, 
 Was never in his life asked to obey.
 The world was his to walk on and trash
 Because things went his way or the world would crash. 
 He waited and waited until the rivers ran dry 
 His waiting and waiting made some people cry
 He paid for things that brought him pleasure
 Things that, in his eyes, were golden treasure 
 He blocked out the bills or the debts that he owed
 He thought those things he could put on hold. 
 Even his family he forgot about
 Unless of course they were to scream and shout
 Then he took care of them after a while
 But he still didn’t ever take the time and their number dial
 His life was to busy to take a minute from his day
 After all, wasn’t his family just debt he had to pay?
 Don’t get me wrong he is a wonderful man
 He loves his children the best he can
 Sometimes he is blinded by the chaos of life
 Overtaken by the turmoil and strife. 
 But sometimes he needs to remember what’s special today
 He could lose the love just read what I say,
 Family is the most important things
 Who cares about the empty short lived flings. 
 This man is loved by a few not many
 He needs to realize this before it’s not any.
 Just give a little and you’ll receive a lot
 And please dont forget what you got
 The love of your children should be all that matters 
 Please see that before your world shatters. 
 I love you, I love you
 But, what I say is true 
 Please just know that this is the way I deal with the pain
 Writing these words is what keeps me sane.

Originally published at on May 26, 2016.