The love you have for family is a kind of feeling that is indescribable-
 Its a love that’s felt through the connection of blood, the familiarity of knowing and feeling who they are because, in a way, they are close to the same as you. Of course, each member of the family has their own attributes, feelings, and characteristics, but the roots of the whole family are basically the same.
 As children we are taught to follow the examples that are set in front of us by our parents, or caregivers. A child’s brain is capable of taking in bundles and bundles of knowledge in a couple years of existence. Some children are not as fortunate to have loving and caring people around them. The example they have to learn is one lacking in many aspects. Our environment and people we are around and the knowledge we take in as young people make us who we are in our adult life. This is not to say that children that are less fortunate in childhood will be terrible people later on, but it will most definitely be harder to be happy and successful than those who were taught these things at a young age.
 So this brings me to my personal life and experiences.

As a child many things happened to predetermine my future, so to speak. Life was not always easy, a lot of events happened that could have really made me a not so stable adult. However, the love from my parents and siblings and family made me really learn how to treat people in general. This love acted as a teaching tool for me socially, and professionally.

No, I didn’t have a gold spoon in my mouth as a baby, Yes, my parents were divorced. No, they didn’t get along at all. With all these factors the one thing I did have was love. That power of love might have proved to be more significant than any material thing I could have had.

So now in my adulthood I know the most important thing I can give my son is my love, and make the atmosphere that he is in the best that I can do. Fortunately, he will have both parents, and a house to be raised in, and all the teaching tools to make him into a successful adult.
 Furthermore, being an adult brings lots of responsibilities. Having a job is essential, to pay for rent, gas, car payments, insurance, food, cell phone bills, and any other bills that come along. Without a method of payment for these necessities then you will go without there is no way around it.
 Is this easy? No.
 Does all this come for free? Not at all
 Do you have to put effort into it? Of Course
 In the end does it pay off? Absolutely
 Yes, growing up is a part of life, it means you must close the book of your childhood and start writing your future as an adult. It means letting go of the childish feelings, and thoughts. It means working for what you want and being proud of it. It means that you and only you have control of your whole world and way of life. No parents to help you, nobody telling you what you have to do, and overall all the choices you make, good or bad will have consequences.
 Guess what? Each action you make and each consequence that comes with that action falls on you and only you. That means, no mommy and daddy holding your hand, nobody offering you multiple chances when you screw up. You get this life, this one and only chance to make it the best life for you.
 So in summary, get up and do something!
 Make the best of your life cause guess what? NO ONE is going to do it for you, NO ONE is going to take care of you through your adult life for free. You determine your future and you write your own book of life.
 Get out of the house, change your old ways, put on your confidence, go into the world and SHINE!
 You will have all you want and more if you put the effort into it.

Originally published at on May 26, 2016.