The love of only one

There once was a young girl so pleasant and pure,
 her grandmothers ailments she did cure.
 Her life was young and smiles abound,
 if only it had always lasted her whole life, year around.
 Happiness and laughter is what her grandmothers memories bring,
 never a worry or care about anything.
 Sunshine and mint, and pleasant walks down the street,
 always wanting to follow her grandmothers feet.
 A Disney trip with her grandparents was pleasant,
 one of the best memories still in her brain and present.
 A love so lasting and a love so true,
 her grandmothers illness she had no clue.
 So young and carefree and every moment was the best,
 even when life was hard, with her she forgot the rest.
 They watched Shirley Temple as often as possible,
 on the floor and daybed is where they would cuddle.
 Dumbo and card games filled up their days.
 Her Grammy never ever missed one of her ballets.
 Graham crackers and milk was a dessert so special,
 even to this day that dessert for her is joyful.
 The smell of her Grammy in her mind lingers,
 almost as if she could touch her still with those little fingers.
 Her jewelry boxes and her perfume were things amazing,
 for a little girl those things kept her eyes dazing. 
 Holding hands and singing songs
 kept them busy all day long
 The little girl her Grammy adored,
 who knows why, maybe because something she had to make up for. 
 Security and comfort and happiness is the memory of her Grammy she keeps,
 there are no answers that she wishes to seek. 
 You see those times of her life were the small amount of childhood she had,
 before she would experience the great and the bad. 
 She used to know nothing but happiness and fun,
 Dancing with her Grammy outside in the sun. 
 One day when she was seven years old,
 these men came to her house and a bad story they told.
 She was old enough to know what it meant,
 to a place unknown her grandmother was sent. 
 “…an accident” they said as they faced
 and with sadness and pain their tears were laced. 
 Her mother sat close by,
 taking in the news, eyes beginning to cry.
 That pain the little girl felt
 was something she had never been dealt.
 Her world, her best friend, a role model and guide,
 was gone? Was taken away from her side? 
 So soon, but why?
 Why did Grammy die?
 The little girl was confused, mad and so very sad.
 Why did death have to happen? What did it even mean?
 Her Grammy was here yesterday, was this all just a bad dream?
 Upstairs she ran into the bathroom she hid,
 crying tears of pain heartache beyond anything she ever had. 
 Her mothers arms were her warm embrace,
 Crying for hours, tears ran down their face.
 Gone so soon, her grammy’s life had been taken,
 see, she was sick, a disease left her life grief stricken.
 They call it Schizophrenia 
 As the little girl grew this secret was kept from her,
 several years later she found out what her Grammy had to endure. 
 She had never known anything to be wrong,
 her Grammy always hid that part of her, being strong.
 Or maybe she wasn’t hiding anything,
 maybe that little girls presence healed her Grammy, for some temporary relaxing. 
 Suicide was what took her life,
 the disease made her believe it wasn’t worth dealing with the pain and strife. 
 Her memories will always be inside that little girls mind,
 as she grows up knowing her Grammy now has peace within her own mind. 
 No pain, no sorrow, no heartache anymore,
 she will always know, that she is what her Grammy’s heart did adore. 
 Memories of happiness and fun,
 Something that little girl will relive with her son. 
 Dedicated to my Grammy, who I will never forget and will always be alive within my heart.

Originally published at on May 26, 2016.