Just one thing

The question I have asked for the past 6 months, to any soul that has crossed my path and been lucky enough to have ventured to India, “Tell me just one thing, what was your highlight?”.

You see, I’m addicted to travel. Like many young folks who grew up in a small-ish town, I was itching to get out and explore. I took my first steps abroad and alone at 18 when I moved to London. I caught the travel bug and have adventured every year since to incredible destinations around the world.

Next stop, India.

I’m off with 2 high school girlfriends, on a journey that we have spoken about since we were 15. Listening to people’s experiences, the good, bad and ugly, have me bursting with excitement, ready to pack my backpack, throw my hippie pants on and set off to the unknown. The best piece of advice I received to my frequent question was, “Choose to see the good and be amazed by such a unique country and culture”. To me, this is 10/10 advice and will be my holiday mantra.

My senses are ready to be awakened. Let me hear the hustle of locals working and the toots of taxis and tuk-tuks, to see the chaos and calmness within a rich culture, to taste tradition, to touch all experiences with an open mind and to choose to smell the spices, not the 💩

On that note, consider this wanderer out of office until further notice.

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Disclaimer: I’m very new to the blogging world (go easy on me). I’ve set a goal to improve my writing and story telling. To help me achieve that goal I have signed up to Writally’s Great Blog Challenge. This is blog post 1 or 12, wish me luck!