Tinder in Thailand – Day One

I’m unsure if my Thai Air BnB hosts were impressed by my idea of “ten tinder dates in ten days”… Or if they were mortified

My spontaneous, and irresponsible decision to run away from my problems found me in Bangkok. I sat with three gorgeous Thai women in a beautiful “cozy room” air BnB, sharing breakfast of condensed milk covered pancakes, sickly, (deliciously), sweet, strawberry jam and coconut water.

We shared generic small talk about jobs, or in my case – lack of job/s. Writing, influencing and the topic of Tinder was risen. I soon discovered this was not a typical conversational topic in a Thai household – clear by the expressions I received.

67 Million People live in Thailand, but all four of us sat there as single women. Is this a “I have nothing to wear” dating scenario?

They shared their knowledge of a growing trend in South East Asia. 20-something year olds from the rural suburbs surrounding Bangkok are temporarily moving to the city in pursuit of gaining life skills. These young entrepreneurs then move back to their smaller towns and charge to teach or train people in their new (questionably) advanced skill set. They classify themselves as “coaches”.

I told the air BnB hosts I had an interest in modern day romance on an international scale and wrote about my experiences. My breakfast companions believed that I’m somewhat apart of this trend. They jokingly called me a “love guru”. They also said I looked like Britney Spears. What a combination. Watch out Mike Myers.

A quick google of “Tinder in Thailand” resulted in little findings, with the exception of middle age Thai men trying to become a developing world EL James. One blogger described the Thai Tinder game as 95% characterised by “obese Western women with ugly piercings in their nose”. He then advertised his link of “how to set up an online profile to swim in p***y…” Charming! Can’t wait to jump on board. Put a bull ring in my nose, and a couple more condensed milk pancakes – I am ready.

In the 1980's Thailand’s birth rate was sitting around 3. Come 2017 the birth rate is 1.4.

One of my Air BnB hosts aged 35, and single shared that she had been through some rough relationships. She then asked me for advice, which people need to stop doing… I am simply a guinea pig of shitty dating, not an expert. Her confidence was exhausted, and her social awareness of flirting was misunderstood. She however operated multiple websites, and was a creative writer. She was smart, and beautiful. So what was going on?

If our generation is becoming so heavily fixated on dating through technology, and we are so good at technology, then why is the technological modern world of romance lacking? As an external view point, and now Thai proclaimed “love guru” I wanted to see for myself.

Two minutes into international Tinder: I can’t read Thai…. There is a hell of a lot of tourists on here. Is “Assumption University” a real place? Why are there so many medical students? Selfie game is STRONG.

The common themes are present on an international comparison. I do want to know how tall you are; pictures of you and your dog are adding brownie points; and a obscure selection of emojis to show me your interests is all soo impressive 🙈🏄🏽🎸🍺🇱🇺🏇🚀📷

Tinder – Settings – Discovery Settings – Gender – Men and Women

Calm down, this isn’t another quarter life crisis discovery. It takes two to Tango, or to lack of Tango. What are Thai women putting on their profiles, and why am I reading so many poor reports from Thai women in online dating? Well, turns out they aren’t putting a whole lot. Their profiles are bare. Except few women: Pearamon: “I’m the nightmare you want to dream of every night”; Or Pookpuiiz: “I’m here to make new good friends, not relationship coz I’m tired of having bf already” (preach it gurl). Ahhhhh so that’s why birth rates are declining, and why sourcing foreign tinder matches is so prominent!

In an approximation… 80% of women had NOTHING in their bios. However, 90% of men had at least their height in their bios (obviously their most important quality and offer to a woman). One lonely Ladyboy was also found – only because they wrote this in their bio. Who can really tell these days? One man’s bio also read “100% MAN”… Thanks for clearing that up, I was questioning your gender.

Tinder – Settings – Discovery Settings – Gender – Men

Maybe it’s the street wolf whistles, the topless selfies or extravagantly detailed Tinder profiles, but the male population seem to be extremely more outgoing and confident then women. Day one of initial research into the Thai world of dating has proven dominated by male writers.

Foreign travellers (expats wearing white wife-beaters sinking Chang) seek beautiful and glamorous Thai women, as do Thai men. Thai women seek no one – well that’s what it looks like from an external position.

I am on a quest to find out more about this world of romance: why you don’t see couples together in public; why women stray from confidence online when they are so exquisite by nature; will a wolf whistle ever progress to a marriage proposal; and if “assumption university” is indeed a real university.