They stop you in your tracks…

Sarah Metcalfe

The naysayers, the “no” people, enthusiasm killers, those who can take the wind out of your sails, and the breath from your body.

The Happy Startup school has been like being let out of a cage.

For years (and sometimes I feel like my whole life) I have struggled to drag people along with the way I think…wanting to share the feeling and the excitement. And mostly getting funny looks and head shaking at best; and down right rejection and blind siding shutting down of ideas at worst…

I’ve always blamed myself as not being able to articulate the feeling well enough, or the ideas with enough clarity. For not being a good enough leader. For not knowing enough.

The lessons I have learned in the past few days, have felt like the cage door has opened, and no one can take away from me the feeling of purpose and focus and passion (sorry passion first I know!). It is incredible, freeing and electrifying.

You don’t have to drag people to the top of the mountain to see the view you know will be there. You can climb the mountain yourself, and the people who want to will join you (or will already be there waiting to share it with you).

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